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12 Steps to Business Success™

With solid strategic alliances from key Banks, Government, Investors and support Stakeholder companies, our business support network is par excellence and provides a comprehensive gestalt network to supplement and strengthen your business enterprise.

  • Ensure your Credit Rating is maximized and borrowing costs are minimized for both personal
  • Perform all necessary Bookkeeping, Accounting, Tax and CFO Management and have up to date
  • Obtain necessary Business Loans, Term loans, Lines of Credit and Credit Facilities to augment
  • Market and Brand your business for your market demographics, create Sales and Marketing strategies
  • Supplement your business profile with a professional Executive Management Team to guide your company
  • Obtain the most crucial element in any business enterprise; the Human Resource component! Administer
  • Procure all necessary Insurance coverage and risk mitigation with everything from Key Man Insurance,
  • Harness the power of the largest billboard on the planet – the Internet! Have a
  • Have the power of the press media with over 15,000 news outlets worldwide and
  • With business growth comes diversity of your client base geographically. We make sure you
  • Utilize the power of Business Technology Solutions for maximizing your business efficiency. Your business
  • Jutsun & Company Law Associates is a legal intermediary consulting firm. Through licensed and


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Obtain the most crucial element in any business enterprise; the Human Resource component! Administer qualified HR management principles for executive management and staff and line personnel… and attract qualified personnel to help grow your business enterprise.



Media Releases

  • CBC 2013 >

    June 5, 2013, Gerry Jutsun, President of Ilaco Corp., was interviewed by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), as an expert
  • Canada China Trade Missions >

    In 1994 participated in the Canadian-Chinese trade mission as part of Team Canada for encouraging trade between Canada and China
  • 680 radio >

    Mr. Jutsun has been featured on radio interview and commentary on home security and protective measures, interviewed on 680 Radio
  • Fairchild TV >

    Gerry Jutsun at the press conference of Fairchild TV on June 2, 2014.
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