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12 Steps to Business Success™

With solid strategic alliances from key Banks, Government, Investors and support Stakeholder companies, our business support network is par excellence and provides a comprehensive gestalt network to supplement and strengthen your business enterprise.

  • Ensure your Credit Rating is maximized and borrowing costs are minimized for both personal
  • Perform all necessary Bookkeeping, Accounting, Tax and CFO Management and have up to date
  • Obtain necessary Business Loans, Term loans, Lines of Credit and Credit Facilities to augment
  • Market and Brand your business for your market demographics, create Sales and Marketing strategies
  • Supplement your business profile with a professional Executive Management Team to guide your company
  • Obtain the most crucial element in any business enterprise; the Human Resource component! Administer
  • Procure all necessary Insurance coverage and risk mitigation with everything from Key Man Insurance,
  • Harness the power of the largest billboard on the planet – the Internet! Have a
  • Have the power of the press media with over 15,000 news outlets worldwide and
  • With business growth comes diversity of your client base geographically. We make sure you
  • Utilize the power of Business Technology Solutions for maximizing your business efficiency. Your business
  • Jutsun & Company Law Associates is a legal intermediary consulting firm. Through licensed and


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Jutsun & Company Law Associates is a legal intermediary consulting firm. Through licensed and qualified legal professionals, we provide all the necessary legal functions from corporate commercial, litigation, real estate and franchise law to important trade marking and copyright law; all under the same umbrella with the ILACO Group of Companies.




Media Releases

  • CBC 2013 >

    June 5, 2013, Gerry Jutsun, President of Ilaco Corp., was interviewed by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), as an expert
  • Canada China Trade Missions >

    In 1994 participated in the Canadian-Chinese trade mission as part of Team Canada for encouraging trade between Canada and China
  • 680 radio >

    Mr. Jutsun has been featured on radio interview and commentary on home security and protective measures, interviewed on 680 Radio
  • Fairchild TV >

    Gerry Jutsun at the press conference of Fairchild TV on June 2, 2014.
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