Saturday, September 23, 2023

Mission Statement

Code of Ethics and Mission Statement

ILACO Corporation and the ILACO Group of Companies and all its affiliates and subsidiaries endorses a strict "Code of Ethics" and incorporates this in its Charter and Corporate Mission Statement. The companies employ a concept of what its founder Mr. Gerry Jutsun calls "New Age Capitalism"; in that it promotes the development and creation of positive, value added wealth to society and the world as a whole. While capitalism has created more wealth for mankind in the last epoch of civilization, it has not always been mindful of the ecological and human costs that have been dearly paid for.

New Age Capitalism employs the concept of wealth creation through classical economist Adam Smith's "invisible hand", but added to that is a credo and conscience that its actions must balance the costs and benefits so that there is a win-win resolution for all stakeholders including planet earth. In game theory, this would be a stable game outcome that does not devolve into a zero sum game. Therefore, company policies cannot be exploitative or maladaptive and must strive to create a balanced and holistic outcome with a win-win solution; one that will result in long-term stability and long-term economic growth!