Friday, September 22, 2023

Private Equity Consortium

The ILACO Group of Companies source, invest, manage and develop promising business enterprises at various stages of the business cycle. Our capital investments are executed primarily through our own resources and the ILACO Private Equity Consortium (visit or, which is made up of private member equity participants. Our Private Equity members are global in scope and diverse in stature and are by invitation only for larger scale enterprises.

However for the purposes of partnering and investing in smaller scale business opportunities such as franchises and small to medium sized business enterprises, we do support investment projects that are looking for early stage capital thereby providing additional angel equity capital and seeding early stage small business.

We also mandate that all investment projects under our purview, are enrolled and instituted into the revolutionary ILACO "10 Steps to Business Success" program. This makes our business capital investment program entirely unique, as not only do we endorse and underwrite private equity investment into business projects; we also manage, provide oversight, monitor and report with transparency for all our investment backers. This is fundamentally unique than almost all other private equity and venture capital firms, which primarily place investment capital and reserve asset management to the incumbent management infrastructure.

Once our business seedlings evolve to the Next Level and are ready for significant capitalization, we will position it as a viable contender for the ILACO Private Equity Consortium.