Saturday, September 23, 2023

Venture Capital/Private Equity

The core catalyst of ILACO Corporation is its investment capital engine to drive companies forward in their growth and development. Without the necessary capital and investment into plant, machinery, technology, personnel and market presence, no company will achieve the mantle of success that they strive and set out for!

This seminal role is the purview of the ILACO Private Equity Consortium or ILACO PEC

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Its mandate and core focus is to source, attract and procure Private Investment Capital and Venture Capital, for equity investment and venture capital deployment.

With this objective and mandate clearly executed, the ILACO Private Equity Consortium has assembled a dynamic and comprehensive consortium network of well placed private investors who are earnestly looking to source and solidify investment in qualified, growth oriented and driven companies!

Our Private Equity Consortium network is comprised of one of the most robust and extensive pools of private capital and includes direct and immediate access to some of the most eminent and successful business leaders in the country! Companies are selected for participation with Private Equity capital based on its tenure and success within the "10 Steps to Business Success" program and the adoption of excellent business practices for achieving optimal results.

If your company is ready to hit the fast track for growth and is poised for investment capital from the ILACO Private Equity Consortium, please Contact Us to review your corporate profile and status.

Most applicant company profiles have come up through the ranks by engaging and graduating from the 10 Steps to Business Success program and most prospects are first introduced into the program with a pre-defined objective of ultimately procuring private investment capital and equity placement.

Companies that are successful in procurement and adopting private investment venture capital must adhere to management oversight by ILACO Corporation and the ILACO Group of Companies, and this includes oversight and management of all financial portfolios of the company. In turn, we audit, report and provide transparency and monitoring oversight for our private equity investors to ensure that their interests are not compromised or contravened, and that the collective business goals and objectives are achieved.

The ILACO Private equity Consortium is also affiliated with FSI Fraud Security Investigations (see which engages in highly specialized financial fraud investigative work. This includes the recovery and repatriation of assets on behalf of investors and stakeholders and bringing the criminal fraudsters to justice. By having our own fraud investigations unit, we can ensure that our investors interests are protected and preserved in accordance with our Mission Statement and Code of Ethics.

If you would like to participate and invest in our ILACO Private Equity Consortium or would like more comprehensive information on our unique program, please visit our affiliate website at or simply call our head office at (905) 274-4200.